Minnesota governor pushes a $ 2 billion stimulus check plan
Minnesota governor pushes a $ 2 billion stimulus check plan

Minnesota governor pushes a $ 2 billion stimulus check plan

After the government sent out three stimulus checks to most Americans in 2020 and 2021, federal stimulus checks have almost certainly become a thing of the past. But in the meantime, some states are stepping up with their own stimulus plans.

California have already passed several versions of “Golden State Stimulus”. It has Governor Jared Polis of Colorado sent out his “Polis Stimulus Payments,” while some other states have passed their own child tax deduction since the federal child tax deduction expired at the end of 2021.

Minnesota is another state that has driven the idea. Governor Tim Walz, earlier this year, proposed a round of “roll checks,” which according to the original proposal would have sent 2.7 million checks out to Minnesota residents, paid for by the state’s significant budget surplus.

“It’s about making sure we lift those who are hardest hit during the pandemic, and that’s about making sure there’s a long-term vision of where Minnesota is going – and [the] the world economy – and we are well positioned to do so, ”Walz said in January.

The proposal is not final, but the governor is still pushing for it. According to to Fox 9, Walz is calling now for direct payments of $ 500 to single adults earning less than $ 164,400 per year and $ 1,000 per year. couples earning less than $ 273,470. This would cost about $ 2 billion, which is much more than in the governor’s original proposal.

Some state legislators have instead proposed a summer vacation for gas tax, but Walz sticks to the proposal for direct payments. The holiday was proposed by the Democrats in the state’s divided legislature, and Republicans are backing a tax cut.

“It’s a lot of refills that you can get out of $ 1,000,” Walz told reporters during a visit to a gas station, according to Fox 9. “I think that money in the hands of people before the summer would make a good difference. And it’s financially responsible. ” However, he said he would sign a bill on a gas tax holiday if the legislature were to pass it.

The controls have been described as “Roll checks“, just as stimulus checks were called” Jesse Checks “when the state had a budget surplus in the late 1990s during Jesse Ventura’s sole term as governor.

“The idea that you want to run out of the clock and maybe throw the dice, that you want to get the money to spend it all yourself, to me it’s just not moral to do so,” Walz told reporters Friday.

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