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Stimulus Check

Money for Social Security recipients |

A petition is circulating on the internet for a check for $1,400 issued by the Senior Citizens League. This would certainly help Social Security recipients cope with rising inflation, and the petition has received strong support from people across the country.

The petition states that the undersigned would like Social Security recipients to receive a $1,400 emergency incentive to cope with the inflation year that is slowly gaining momentum. Currency, Social Security benefits are among the very few types of income that are adjusted for inflation.

Stimulus Control Needed for Social Security Recipients

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One of the main arguments in favor of the stimulus control petition was that the increase in COLAs was not enough for seniors living on a fixed, fixed income with the 5% increase in inflation that has taken place over the past 13 months. The petition further added that Social Security benefits will increase by about 1.3% in 2021, increasing the average benefit by about $20 a month. But nearly 86% of Social Security recipients surveyed recently stated that their expenses far exceed the amount.

One of the sectors that has experienced the largest price increases is the meat industry. While headline inflation has increased the price of chicken to about 7.2%, the price of pork is up about 9%, with the price of ground beef up about 13% from last year’s price. A $1,400 incentive check could therefore certainly help seniors shop for groceries with an income already firmly established.

A fourth incentive check would help seniors recover from inflation and supply chain blockages.

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