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More than 500,000 Americans will receive a payment of $285 as of MONDAY

MORE than half a million Americans will receive a one-time check for $285 as of Monday, Nov. 15.

The people receiving the checks live in the state of Maine.

More than 500,000 Americans will receive disaster benefits


More than 500,000 Americans will receive disaster benefits

It is part of the budget deal passed by the Maine state legislature to help people who worked during the 2020 pandemic.

Governor Janet Mills said 524,754 working people in Maine will receive a $285 disaster benefit.

Ms Mills said it is a one-time payment and a thank you to those who worked during the pandemic.

Under the Disaster Relief Payment Program, the state’s tax attorney was required to identify each eligible Maine citizen and then determine the payment amount, up to a maximum of $300.

The number came by dividing the amount of available funds by the total number of eligible Maine citizens, including the estimated number of unidentified eligible Maine citizens.

The allocated funding of $149.8 million divided by the 524,754 individuals would result in a payment amount of $285.46.

Are you eligible?

To be eligible for the Maine COVID-19 Disaster Relief Payment, you must have filed an individual Maine income tax return as a full-time resident for the 2020 tax year before October 31, 2021.

Information included on returns filed after October 31 will not be taken into account in determining your eligibility for disaster relief.

Eligible recipients must have had adjusted gross income for the 2020 tax year of less than $150,000 if they are married and filing a joint return or are an eligible widow or widower.

Or $112,000 if you’re filing as a householder or $75,000 if you’re single or married.

You are also eligible if you received wages, salaries, tips or other taxable employee benefits in tax year 2020.

Those claimed as a dependent on another taxpayer’s tax return for the 2020 tax year are not eligible.

Business income does not meet the eligibility requirements for payment recipients.

When will the payments be sent?

No application is required.

Payments will be automatically emailed to those who qualify from Monday, November 15, 2021.

Over a six-week period, between 5,000 and 25,000 checks are issued on most days.

A paper check will be mailed through the US Postal Service by December 31st.

If your address has changed since you filed your 2020 tax return, you must submit your new address in writing and include: the date of your request, your name (printed), your Social Security number, and your signature, as well as proof of the new address (such as an updated photo ID, a utility bill, lease, to name a few).

Send the request as soon as possible to:

Maine Revenue Services
PO Box 9107
Augusta, ME 04332-9107

The US Postal Service does not automatically forward payments to new addresses.

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