More than a million households have only one month left to demand a $ 1,400 stimulus check
More than a million households have only one month left to demand a $ 1,400 stimulus check

More than a million households have only one month left to demand a $ 1,400 stimulus check

QUALIFIED Americans have just a few weeks left to claim their $ 1,400 federal stimulus checks.

The stimulus check is part of American Rescue Actsigned by the President Joe Biden in 2021.


Stimulus checks are one-time payments, while Universal Basic Income (UBI) is repeated

They are worth up to $ 1,400 per. adult.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) said so issued more than 175 million checks worth $ 400 billion by December 2021.

Who owes one?

While most have already received their stimulus payments – some may still owe one, but must act before the deadline.

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This can be for the following reasons:

  • Parents who had a baby in 2021
  • Families who have added a breadwinner on their 2021 tax return
  • Individuals and couples who earned more than $ 80,000 and $ 160,000 respectively in 2020, but less than that amount in 2021
  • Eligible family members who died in 2021 and did not receive their full stimulus payment

A big category are those who welcomed a baby into the world last year.

From March 2021, data are from Census Bureau shows that the average number of births per day was 9,710.

Using the same rate would mean that more than 3.54 million children would be born in 2021.

Keep in mind that single files are eligible to claim as much as $ 1,400 if they earn $ 75,000 or less, or $ 150,000 for couples.

In addition to these thresholds, payments begin to decrease and are phased out completely at $ 80,000 and $ 160,000, respectively.

A study by the National Center for Children in Poverty found that 32% of children with married parents live in poverty.

That would mean that at least more than a million in that category alone would qualify.

By 2021, the federal poverty level for a family of four was $ 26,500.

How to make demands

Those who believe they are still eligible for a stimulus check should file one money back in tax.

Those entitled can claim Recovery discount credit.

However deadline to file tax this year is April 18 – so you need to act fast.

How else can I get a stimulus check?

Currently there are thousands set to receive stimulus checks and other payments automatic.

This is a result of a few states using funds from the rescue law to launch their own programs.

One of them Californiawho told The Sun recently that it would send up 70,000 stimulus checks in the middle of the month.

Another is New Jerseywhich is send stimulus checks worth up to $ 4,000 to specific groups who missed out on federal stimulus checks.

Also, new $ 600 stimulus checks in Oregon will go out to 250,000 workers.

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For more on how to make money, use these five documents earn up to $ 22,503 from the IRS.

Plus, check it out top tax refund calculators to estimate your tax return.

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