Murder of Sheila Maguire: Peter Lestician, last known person to see NJ woman alive, apparently found dead in Pa.

FLORENCE TWP., New Jersey (WPVI) — Authorities say a body found in rural Pennsylvania belongs to a man involved in the murder of a New Jersey woman.

The body, tentatively identified as 53-year-old Peter Lestician, was found around 4 p.m. Friday along an ATV track in Cooper Township, Clearfield County.

Two men on four-wheelers in the area called police after finding the body in the front seat of a locked vehicle. Responding troopers found no signs of malicious intent, researchers say, and it’s possible he died by suicide.

Lestician’s driver’s license of New Jersey was in the vehicle, authorities say. An autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of death and mode of death, as well as confirm identity.

Burlington County prosecutors say Lestician was the last known person to see 54-year-old Sheila Maguire alive before she was murdered at her home in Florence Township, New Jersey.

Sheila Maguire and Peter Lestician

Her body was found on Monday, August 29, after relatives called the police after being unable to reach her for several days.

The coroner determined that Maguire died of blunt force trauma to the head.

Maguire and Lestician were dating and living together in the house 200 block from Birch Hollow Drive, authorities say.

Lestician was a teacher at South Brunswick High School and prosecutors say he has been out of contact with family members since Aug. 26.

Although he was a stakeholder in Maguire’s murder, prosecutors say there was no evidence linking him directly to the crime and no charges had been filed against him.

Authorities say the investigation into Maguire’s murder will continue.

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