Mystery of Tom Brady Suggests He’s The Masked Singer

"The masked singer"

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The fact that nobody knows about the current whereabouts of Buccaneer’s quarterback Tom Brady during a long hiatus from training camp for “personal” reasons invites speculation about where he is and what he’s doing. The longer it takes, the crazier the speculation.

And the speculation on Friday officially passed into the land of the damned mad.

Someone (or more than one; I can’t really say) has come up with a theory that Tom Brady left training camp for a stint at Fox’s The masked singer. The facts presented in support of the theory are flimsy and superficial, and the whole thing seems to have an ironic air.

While Brady has a contract with Fox that goes beyond just being the network’s No. 1 NFL analyst, it probably won’t start until he retires. The idea that they expect him to give up almost two weeks of training camp for something he could do after he’s done with football seems ridiculous.

But this is what happens when one of the most prominent players in league history leaves camp without taking a look, and when his team mismanages the messages. The Bucs tried to put the toothpaste back in the tube a bit on Friday, with coach Todd Bowles saying he knows when Brady will be back — a day after Bowles said he didn’t.

Horror vacuum. Nature abhors a vacuum. Human nature does that too. And with no information to explain the unexplained Brady training camp hiatus, we’re looking for something to make sense. With Brady saying nothing and the circumstances fueling the flames of speculation, it kind of makes sense that something so weird would arise and become rampant.

That’s the only reason we decided to put an item on it. This crazy theory, and the intense coverage of it, has grown too big to ignore. And the big winner is Fox, who will now have even more people watching the next season of The masked singer to see if Brady comes out of the costume.

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