National Democrats Say GOP Will Endanger Social Security, Colorado Medicare Digital Ad Campaign | elections

A digital ad campaign targeting Colorado seniors launched Monday by the Democratic National Committee is attacking Republican proposals that Democrats say could jeopardize Social Security and Medicare benefits.

The ads, which land on the day after the 87th anniversary of the Social Security Act, focus on a plan launched earlier this year by U.S. Senator Rick Scott, the Florida Republican who heads the Senate’s main campaign committee. of the GOP to allow Congress to re-authorize popular five-year programs on an annual basis, an approach Democrats warn against could lead to budget cuts.

The ads also featured Democratic climate and budget legislation sent to President Joe Biden’s office that would allow Medicare to negotiate lower prices for prescription drugs, among other things.

The DNC spends “five figures” to stream a 15-second YouTube ad targeting older Colorado residents, a national party spokeswoman told Colorado Politics. The ad will run in nine states, the DNC said, along with an accompanying ad on the AARP website.

More than 900,000 Coloradans receive Social Security benefits and 930,000 receive health care coverage through Medicare.

“Instead of celebrating Social Security on their 87th birthday, Republicans are doubling down on their ultra-MAGA agenda to cut back on Social Security and Medicare, which could jeopardize the benefits Colorado seniors rely on,” DNC said. chairman Jaime Harrison in a statement .

“While Democrats are poised to cut the cost of prescription drugs and continue to protect Medicare for seniors, Republicans have rallied behind plans that could reduce their hard-earned benefits—showing only one party fighting for Colorado in November— seniors.”

The Democrats are targeting an 11-point plan released by Scott in February, which he described as “not for the faint of heart.”

An item on the agenda includes a proposal to demand “[a]ll federal legislation” to “sunset” in five years. “If a law is worth keeping, Congress can pass it again,” Scott wrote.

In addition to calling for limits on congressional terms and an immediate 50% cut in funding from the IRS, Scott’s plan says, “Force Congress to release a report every year telling the public what they plan to do.” do if Social Security and Medicare go bankrupt.”

Democrats have adopted the proposal as: an opening to end benefits which nearly 70 million Americans enjoy, though fact-checkers and Republican leaders — including Scott — dispute whether that’s what the GOP is up to.

“Nobody I know wants to shut down Medicare or Social Security, but what we’re doing is we’re not even talking about it,” Scott said in a Fox News interview, responding to Democratic attacks in which he claimed his plan “would end to “Social Security and Healthcare.

Scott added: “Medicare is going to be out of business in four years. Social Security is going to be out of business in 12 years. I think we need to figure out how to keep those programs. Any program that we care about, we should stop and take the time to run those programs.” preserve programs.”

Fact-checkers have said Scott “has gone too far” with his claim that the programs will go bankrupt, although some federal trust funds will run out on that schedule, according to government projections.

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