National Hospital braces for possible increase in new Covid-19 variant – Community News

National Hospital braces for possible increase in new Covid-19 variant

NEODESHA, Kan.–INovember, the Wilson Medical Center conducted four hundred and nineteen Covid-19 tests, of these, sixty came back positive.

Those numbers look better compared to last November’s numbers, when they got about a thousand positives a month.

With a new Covid variant gaining national attention, the Southeastern Kansas nationwide health system tells us they are confident they can handle it — having covered previous variants.

“Since the actual pandemic started, we have set up a Covid task force so that we can meet and discuss what to do to cope. take care of our patients. and so we actually felt really good to be ready to care for a patient when needed,” said Janice Reese, Marketing and Foundation Director of Wilson Medical Center.

Since then, they have also started administering new treatments.

“We also have their antibody tests, therapy that can help with the Covid to slow that down a little bit or even help fight those antibodies.”

But what the Wilson Medical officer really wants to convey is their commitment to making healthcare accessible to rural areas. something the pandemic really needed.

“When the Delta variant came in, we had some patients that definitely, you know, needed to go to higher level care. And so we had to make sure we could actually transfer them. I mean, we learned a lot from that, know you… I think that helps us prepare just that little bit better and makes us a better organization by making sure patients find answers.”

While they say they’ve grown as a hospital, they’re not done yet.

“We’ve grown going through this, we’re learning and basically, you know, it’s like, I think it’s always going to prepare us to be a little bit better down the road.”