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Navy does not approve religious waivers as COVID-19 vaccine deadline is over

Hospital man Christopher Ramirez, right, of Kimberly, Idaho, assigned to the medical department of PCU John F. Kennedy (CVN-79), administers a COVID-19 vaccine to Lieutenant Cmdr. George Stegeman, Kennedy’s psychological officer, during the joint vaccination evolution of USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) with Kennedy in the stern of Ford, September 30, 2021. US Navy Photo

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The Navy did not approve any religious exemptions for the COVID-19, according to new figures released by the Navy on Tuesday evening.

According to the Navy, there were 2,531 requests for religious exemptions. Those who were denied a religious exemption now have five days from the time they were notified to start the vaccination process or face divorce.

The Navy has also granted seven permanent medical exemptions, 400 temporary medical exemptions and 134 administrative exemptions, according to the Navy. For example, non-religious administrative exemptions are those who can apply for an exemption because they leave the service.

Six more medical exemptions are pending.

Currently, 325,570 active sailors are fully vaccinated, with 328,540 sailors receiving at least one dose of the vaccine, according to the Navy. That means about 2,970 seamen could be separated or take other administrative action if they don’t meet fully vaccinated status by the November 28 deadline.

The chief of naval personnel will determine their status, USNI News previously reported.