Navy says sailors denied Covid-19 vaccination waiver have 5 days to start process or be fired – Community News

Navy says sailors denied Covid-19 vaccination waiver have 5 days to start process or be fired

According to Navy data, about 99.5% of the active Navy has been fully or partially vaccinated by the November 28 deadline. That leaves about 1,750 sailors of the nearly 350,000 who have not yet been vaccinated.

“To ensure a fully vaccinated force, it is the policy of the United States Navy to segregate all members of the Navy Service who refuse to be legally ordered to receive the COVID-19 vaccination,” Vice Admiral John B. Nowell, Jr., the chief of naval personnel, wrote in a message to the service.

The agency is still reviewing medical and religious vaccination waiver requests and sailors will not be separated from each other or suffer any consequences while their waiver requests are processed.

Last week, six medical waivers had been approved and no religious waivers had been approved, the Navy said.

The least favorable discharge for those who refuse to be vaccinated, even after a waiver has been denied, is a general discharge under honorable conditions, which can lead to the loss of entitlement to certain VA benefits, including GI Bill benefits. The process of being discharged from the military can take several weeks, if not longer.

During the discharge process, sailors who refuse to be vaccinated will no longer be able to promote, promote or reapply, the Navy said, and all pending agreements will be canceled. In addition, those who decline will not receive any bonuses or incentives. Vaccine denial also means mariners will no longer be eligible for tuition assistance and training programs for military personnel transitioning to civilian life.

The Marine Corps also has a November 28 deadline for full vaccination. As of last week, 94% of active duty Marines have been fully or partially vaccinated.

The military has an estimated vaccination rate of 94% and the last vaccination deadline is December 15, according to the latest update.

The Air Force had the earliest deadline for full vaccination, which was passed on Nov. 2. Nearly 97% of the active air force had been vaccinated by the deadline, with thousands of pilots applying for a religious exemption as the deadline approached.

Nearly 8,500 pilots had not yet been vaccinated, about 5,000 of whom had applied for religious exemptions, the Air Force said earlier this month. The Air Force had granted approximately 1,600 medical exemptions and an additional 232 administrative exemptions.

The deadline for full vaccination of Pentagon civilian employees is next Tuesday, November 22.