NBC2 checks Marco Rubio’s political ad against Val Demings

More attack ads are popping up on your television, and Marco Rubio’s recent ad is one that many viewers have asked for a fact check.

The ad with thunder noises and black-and-white photos of his Democratic opponent Val Demings begins by claiming that Demings votes with Nancy Pelosi 100% of the time.

The ad cites the Pulitzer Prize-winning non-profit website Probublica.

But it only cites the 116th Congress, or 2019-2020, and that statement is true.

It doesn’t tell the whole story, though, citing the 115th Congress 2017-2018 where Demings disagreed with Pelosi on 35 votes. It also doesn’t mention Pelosi as a house speaker who only votes on about 10% of the bills considered important.

So overall, we rate the claim as misleading.

The ad goes on to state that Demings agrees with Pelosi to allow radical abortions even at the time of birth.

Demings has repeatedly said she supports abortion after the child can survive outside the womb, but only if it threatens the health or life of the mother. That is generally 24 weeks. A full-term pregnancy is usually 39 weeks, according to the National Library of Medicine.

Demings co-sponsored the Women’s Health Protection Act, which codified Roe vs. Wade, which said states could restrict abortion except for the life or health of the mother.

Demings denied the claims in Rubio’s ad, saying in a statement to NBC2: “This is just the next step in Marco Rubio’s fight to ban abortions with no exceptions for rape, incest and sexual abuse victims.”

After reviewing the facts, we rate that claim as largely false.

The ad also goes on to say that Demings joined Pelosi in giving a billion dollars in incentive checks to convicted criminals and illegal immigrants. During the pandemic, Americans were given three stimulus checks.

However, to receive a check, you needed a social security number. Undocumented immigrants don’t have one, so they didn’t qualify.

So the claim is false.

It is true, however, that eligible prisoners received payments from the US bailout plan, which Demings supported. But the ad omits that Rubio and other Republicans previously supported Covid relief bills under President Trump, which also included inmates given stimulus checks.

The IRS advised inmates to return the checks, but that was challenged in court.

A federal judge in this ruling said inmates were eligible for the payments.

After reviewing the facts, we rate his claim as misleading.

The ad ends by noting that Demings even voted to allow transgender youth sports and the teaching of radical gender identity.

The ad references the Equality Act of 2019 that gave LGBTQ people federal protections from discrimination.

Demings did support it, but the bill did not call for the teaching of radical gender identity, as the ad claims.

We rate this claim as false.

Based on all facts in general, we rate the entire ad as ‘Mostly False’.

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