Nearly half of the states offer incentive checks or other assistance. Is yours?

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Could more money come from your state government?

Most important points:

  • The federal government is not giving a fourth stimulus check.
  • A number of states have come to the scene to provide assistance.
  • California, Florida, Maryland, South Carolina and more make up this list of states.

Many people hope that the federal government will deposit a fourth stimulus check into their bank account. That’s highly unlikely at this point, especially after the recent passage of the Inflation Reduction Act that didn’t include a new incentive payment.

But that doesn’t mean more stimulus money is off the table. In fact, nearly half of the states in the US have approved additional financial aid for residents. Here’s what you need to know about the locations in the country that provide support.

These states give more stimulus money

The states that provide more stimulus money include:

  • Alaskawhere payments are worth up to $3,200 per eligible person.
  • Californiawhere payments of up to $1,050 went to 23 million residents.
  • Coloradowhere payments of up to $750 for individuals and $1,500 for married joint petitioners will be provided.
  • Connecticutwhere low- and middle-income families get tax credits up to $250 per child.
  • Delawarewhere aid payments will be worth $300 to eligible residents.
  • Floridawhere 59,000 families receive $450 checks for each child after proving their eligibility.
  • Georgiawhere taxpayers get up to $500 in refund checks.
  • Hawaiiwhere checks totaling $300 will be issued to eligible taxpayers.
  • Idahosending payments of $75 or 12% of 2020 state taxes.
  • Illinoiswhere some residents will receive up to $50 per taxpayer and even an additional $100 for up to three dependents.
  • Indianawhere payments up to $325 will be issued.
  • Mainewhich offers up to $850 per single tax return and $1,700 per joint tax return for those who qualify based on income.
  • Marylandwhere low-income residents will receive up to $2,000 for help with water bills.
  • Massachusettswhich will pay a total of about 7% of their state income tax to residents in 2021.
  • Minnesotawhere up to $750 checks will be provided to eligible individuals who remained in employment during the pandemic.
  • New Jerseythat provides discount checks up to $500 for about 800,000 parents.
  • New Mexicowhere residents who qualify based on income will receive up to $750.
  • Oregonwhich provides $600 payments to more than 236,000 low-income households.
  • south carolinawho will send checks worth $800.
  • Vermontwhich provides families with $1,000 tax credits for children age 6 or younger if they qualify based on income.
  • Virginiawhich will yield up to $500 per eligible resident.

If you live in one of these states, you will need to check with local authorities to find out how much you will receive and when your payment will come so you can be prepared.

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