NEW: COVID-19 cases higher in Clark County; the number of patients is falling
NEW: COVID-19 cases higher in Clark County;  the number of patients is falling

NEW: COVID-19 cases higher in Clark County; the number of patients is falling

Below is the full COVID-19 report for February 17th.

LAS VEGAS (CLASS) – After low totals reported on Thursday, new COVID-19 cases were higher today as Clark County reported 414 cases and Nevada’s total was 589. The county had only 128 cases in Thursday’s reports.

Trends showing a decline in patients admitted with COVID-19 continued, with 551 patients in Clark County and a total of 687 in the state. Clark County’s total fell by 36, while Nevada’s total fell by 54.

The number of patients in ventilators has dropped to 81 across the country – the lowest total since July. COVID-19 patients in the intensive care unit have dropped to 164, corresponding to the level just after Christmas.

Nevada reports 19 deaths, including 14 from Clark County.

Clark County’s test positivity rate continues to fall and falls to 14.6% – down from 15.7% yesterday. Across the country, the COVID-19 test positivity is 16.8%, down from yesterday’s 17.9%.

The county’s test positivity has now fallen every day since January 21, when it reached its highest with 38.2%. By then, it had risen in the air for 29 days from 8.0% on December 22nd.

Before Governor Steve Sisolak ended Nevada’s mask mandate on Thursday, February 10, the CDC requirements were a test positivity rate of 8% or less, and a daily case rate below 50 cases (a 7-day average per 100,000 population). Currently, Clark County stands at 14.6% test positivity with a daily case rate of 79.9.

The graphs below show the test positivity for the state (first image), followed by Clark County’s test positivity rate.

The lower infection rate does not mean that the virus is not still circulating. The Omicron variant is highly contagious and vaccines have been shown to reduce the risk of serious illness. Health authorities stress the importance of being vaccinated and wearing masks indoors in public places.

A total of 7,253 tests were reported in Clark County, and 9,076 tests across Nevada. People can now start ordering four COVID-19 home tests from the post office for free delivery ( Home tests are not even counted in the state figures.

Data from the Nevada State Public Health Laboratory indicates that 100% of the recently tested samples in Clark County were from the omicron variant. Omicron accounts for 100% of recent cases across the state. About 4.5% of all tests are analyzed to determine which strain of COVID-19 is present, according to the laboratory’s website.

A look at current COVID-19 numbers:


  • New cases: 414 (total: 485,948)
  • Deaths: 14 (total: 7,333)
  • Test positivity: 14.6% (down from 15.7% the previous day)
  • Test: 5,096,377 (+7,253 from the previous day)
  • Admissions: 551 (down 36 from the previous day)


  • New cases: 589 (total: 642,035)
  • Deaths: 19 (total: 9,508)
  • Test positivity: 16.8% (down from 17.9% the previous day)
  • Test: 6,728,443 (+9,076 from the previous day)
  • Hospital admissions: 687 (down 54 from the previous day)

From 10 Feb., the Southern Nevada Health District reports that there are 392 breakthrough deaths (+36), 1,061 breakthrough admissions (+42) and 66,068 breakthrough cases (+1,834). (Increases are compared to figures reported on February 3.) Breakthrough cases now account for more than 40% of all new COVID-19 cases.

* NOTE: Daily laboratory data from DHHS and SNHD reports are updated every morning for previous day.


The test positivity rate in Clark County is 14.6%, which keeps the county on the state’s observation list for increased risk of infection.

In today’s report, all of Nevada’s 17 counties are marked for high transmission.

Clark County’s case rate (1,372 per 100,000 over the last 30 days) and test positivity rate (14.6%) are marked in data reported today. Testing (317 tests per day per 100,000) is within the acceptable range of the state.


It informs the State Ministry of Health 4,275,194 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine has been administered in Nevada, pr. Feb 17

As of yesterday, 56.36% of Nevadans who are currently eligible for the vaccine are fully vaccinated and 67.34% of the eligible population have started vaccinations. Clark County reports that 55.75% of its eligible residents are fully vaccinated.


NOTE: The state does not update admission data on weekends or holidays.

According to the state Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)was the number of hospitalized patients in Nevada down (-54) since yesterday. The number of patients dropped by 36 in Clark County.

The current number of admissions is 687 confirmed / suspected cases across the country. Hospitals reported that 164 of these patients were in intensive care units and 81 were on ventilators – the lowest number of patients using ventilators since July. To give some perspective, the state set record highs for inpatients on December 13, 2020 with 2,025 patients.

The graphs below show hospitalizations in Nevada (first image) and in Clark County:


The number of people who have recovered from the virus in southern Nevada continues to rise. The latest county update estimates a total of 468,441 recovered cases; it is 96.4% of all reported cases in the county, according to SNHD’s latest report.


Nevada reopened to 100% capacity on June 1, 2021and guidelines for social distancing were repealed, which helped the state return to mostly pre-pandemic times, with some exceptions.

The CDC reversed its course on July 27, saying that fully vaccinated Americans in areas with “significant and high” transmission should wear masks indoors when in public as COVID-19 cases increase. Most of Nevada falls into these two risk categories.

Nevada said it would adopt the CDC’s guidance with the new mask guideline which came into force at 12:01 on July 30, 2021. But Sisolak ended the nationwide mask mandate on February 10, even though the CDC had not changed guidelines. The requirements remain in place in accordance with federal, state, local, tribal or territorial laws, rules and regulations, including local businesses and workplace guidance. Masks are still required in public transportation and at health facilities.

On August 16, 2021, Governor Sisolak signed a new directive which allows fully vaccinated participants at large gatherings to remove their masks, but only if the venue chooses to require everyone present to provide evidence of vaccination. Those who have only one shot and are not “fully vaccinated” will still be allowed to participate, as will children under the age of 12, but both should wear masks.

State approval for vaccination of children 5-11 years was granted on 3 November 2021, and the Southern Nevada Health District began vaccinations on Nov. 10.

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