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Stimulus Check

New incentive payments over $1,000 are coming

The way people in the US are experiencing the coronavirus pandemic has been different for nearly two years, depending on where you live. And the same goes for the recovery from the pandemic. Because, of course, geography is also a major determinant of when a new stimulus payment goes out — and who gets one.

Just to be sure, what we’re talking about here are state incentive payments, apart from the aid controls that continue to come out of the federal government. The latter are broad payments, for Americans across the country. And in fact, there are going to be more such payments out in just two weeks. A sixth and final payment of the child tax credit will come to millions of Americans on December 15. In the meantime, below, we’ll take a look at some of the more local incentive-related efforts across the country. Efforts that will no doubt become all the more important as the fate of new monthly federal government incentive payments in 2022 seems uncertain at this point.

New stimulus payments in the US

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A man pulls out money from a wallet. Image source: methaphum/Adobe

The types of incentive-related payments we’ll discuss here range from return-to-work incentives to teacher bonus checks. Also, this summary isn’t a comprehensive summary of every possible stimulus control or related benefit of every state and city across the country. There are just too many to list all at once. Which, depending on who you ask, is a good problem to have.

However, this does reflect the different types of steps being taken to ease the financial pain of the pandemic. For example, to jump right in, speaking of the student aid we mentioned above?

Ohio State University announced in September that it would distribute an additional $46 million in federal aid to students. Since the start of the pandemic, the state of Ohio said more than $87 million has been spent on students in pandemic-related aid. Thousands of them received some of that aid in the form of emergency grants.

And then there’s California, which has been targeting statewide incentives totaling several hundred dollars for lower- and middle-income residents. While states like Arizona and Connecticut have sent $1,000 checks to residents returning to work. The Connecticut check is for workers who do so after eight weeks of unemployment. While Arizona’s check for $1,000 is for employees who take part-time jobs (full-time work is worth $2,000).

More states

Elsewhere in the US, New Mexico has announced in recent days that more than 3,000 low-income households will receive a one-time payment of $452 in emergency financial assistance. According to the state, “The one-time payment is for low-income state residents who have not received federal pandemic stimulus payments. Earlier this year, in July 2021, a first payment round was issued.”


  • In Oklahoma, state officials there recently announced the following. Nearly $13 million in federal aid funds would go to eligible students. In concrete terms, that money is for their work as student teachers.
  • Florida teachers and administrators also received a $1,000 bonus earlier this year. And in recent weeks, State Governor Ron DeSantis proposed another round of bonus payments.