New Steam game with a squirrel with a gun

poison: Daniel DeEntremont / Kotaku

Video games can give us a chance to inhabit new worlds or discover new experiences. They can show us things we’ve never seen or dreamed of. Like an ancient civilization or a distant alien planet somewhere deep in the cosmos. Or uh… how about a squirrel with a gun that can shoot people? Yeah, that’s cool too.

Recently on Twitter, clips from a game still in development called Squirrel with a gun have gone viral, with thousands of people sharing the video online. In the gameplay clip, we see a squirrel who happens to have a gun and said gun to a person trying to take a picture of it. I mean, what did you expect? The game is literally called Squirrel with a gun.

I appreciate that the gun is not a squirrel sized gun. That would be ridiculous and would imply that the squirrel had somehow figured out a way to build its own small arms fire. Very unrealistic. Instead, in Squirrel with a gunthe squirrel uses a gun he stole from humans against anyone who gets in his way.

About on Steam—and yes, this game has a steam page– there isn’t much more information about this upcoming game of the year contender. It’s being developed by Daniel DeEntremont and according to him it’s a “sandbox game” that’s all about “explore and shoot” stuff. DeEntremont says you can help or rob people, and you can also use the recoil of weapons to reach remote places. How does that work? Look at this gif.

Don’t you feel stupid for asking?

There is currently no release date for Squirrel with a gun. On Steam, the game’s release date is listed as “Good question!” Reasonable.

If you are curious to see more about Squirrel with a gun and its continuous development, you can follow DeEntremont on Twitter. There he shares behind-the-scenes clips of his progress in the game, including videos of the squirrel fights use hand-to-hand melee combat and more. Watch out Grand Theft Auto 6you have real competition.

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