New stimulus check idea from Joe Biden in 2022
New stimulus check idea from Joe Biden in 2022

New stimulus check idea from Joe Biden in 2022

The average price of gas this week has fallen slightly, though not to a significant level. The price of gas per. gallon dropped 6 cents this Friday compared to last week from $ 4.33 to $ 4.27. Another good news is that the price of oil has fallen in recent times, but it is still enough to hit people hard.

Prepaid gas cards to Americans like stimulus checks

The price of oil and gas will be uncertain for a while as Joe Biden, The President of the United States, has sent many sanctions against Russia, a leading producer of energy and oil. The price of gas has risen rapidly, and according to data, it is twice as high as the gas price in the year 2019. Joe Biden thus planned to launch more stimulus checks to help citizens pay for the rising gas price.

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In the reports from Axios, the administration of Biden has planned to send prepaid cards for gas to the majority of U.S. citizens. The pandemic is almost over and offices have reopened, posing a threat to the population as the price of gas rises.

But according to a House Democrat, the White House is reviewing this proposal and rejecting it, as the project will be very expensive and challenging for the IRS. The IRS is busy dealing with the huge tax files and its backlog associated with stimulus checks, and it will therefore be difficult for them to carry out and administer the entire new process.

According to a spokesman, the idea of ​​a petrol card is not feasible and is full of challenges and is therefore not taken as seriously as a stimulus check by Joe Biden’s administration. This news came three days after the purchase of 3 million barrels of oil at a reduced price of Indian Corp from the Russians. Following this incident, the supply of oil has become free in the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States

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