NEW: Weekly update shows COVID-19 cases still falling in Clark County
NEW: Weekly update shows COVID-19 cases still falling in Clark County

NEW: Weekly update shows COVID-19 cases still falling in Clark County

LAS VEGAS (CLASS) – Clark County has an average of about 77 new COVID cases each day, according to state data released Wednesday. The state has an average of about 109 cases each day.

The averages are calculated by the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) as a 14-day moving average, and are lower than the average reported Friday (87 in Clark County and 122 nationwide). 8 News Now will report this average going forward as an indicator of whether COVID-19 continues to decline or is on the rise.

As reporting shifted from daily to weekly, differences in data from the state and county made some comparisons with previous figures difficult. After this week, comparisons should be clearer. Information about the COVID-19 test and the test positivity rate – the factors that the state used in the past to measure the risk of infection – have been completely removed.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports a Clark County test positivity rate of 4.07%. CDC figures for test positivity rates have generally been lower than the figures reported by DHHS.

Admission rates showed large declines since Friday with 187 patients nationwide (71 declines as of Friday) and 156 patients in Clark County (down 60 as of Friday).

The Nevada Hospital Association (NHA) reported Wednesday that COVID-19 cases “do not significantly affect the hospital’s infrastructure at present.” The NHA said hospitalizations are close to the lowest level of the pandemic, and staff status across the state has been reduced from “alarm” to “warning.” Staffing has improved due to lower hospital occupancy rates – “not due to any meaningful increase in the workforce,” the NHA said.

Since Friday, Nevada has reported a further 27 deaths. The state estimates another 20 deaths in Clark County, but figures from Southern Nevada’s health district show there have been 32. Reporting periods used by DHHS and SNHD may still be in line.

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