No sign of multiple federal stimulus checks
No sign of multiple federal stimulus checks

No sign of multiple federal stimulus checks

A Facebook user mistakenly claims that $ 2,000 stimulus checks were due to be delivered on January 19th.

In Facebook video is labeled with the caption: “$ 2000 January 19 – STIMULUS CHECK DELIVERY DATE!” It also bears the hashtag: “# stimuluscheckupdate2022… ”

The video includes footage of Senator Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., Talking about social security on the Senate floor, once during the Obama administration. The content of the video does not refer to financial stimulus payments for all eligible Americans.

The video was shared on Facebook and marked as part of this platform’s efforts to combat fake news and misinformation on its news feed. (Read more about our collaboration with Facebook.)

Eligible Americans have Received three federal stimulus payments totaling $ 3,200: $ 1,200 in April 2020, $ 600 in December 2020 or January 2021 and $ 1,400 in March 2021.

It has actually been there public interest in a fourth stimulus paymentbut no payments are imminent. CBS News reported on February 1 that the Biden administration has focused on infrastructure spending and that some economists have said previous stimulus payments have led to inflation.

A senior fellow from the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center, a think tank in Washington, DC that follows federal economic policy, said more stimulus payments are not on the way.

Congress has not adopted a fourth round of economic power payments, also known as stimulus payments, Janet Holtzblatt said. In addition, a fourth round was not included in the Build Back Better legislation, part of Biden’s domestic agenda, which have stopped.

Although there are no forthcoming plans for a fourth stimulus check at the federal level, some states, such as California and Maine, plan to or have recently distributed these payments. States have different guidelines for justification, according to a USA Today report in December. In Arizona, en $ 2,000 one-time bonus was available to people who were unemployed and returned to the workforce. In January, CNBC reported that states have federal funds that they must distribute, and these distributions can take various forms, such as paid sick or family leave.

Another payment to Americans, Child Tax Credit, does not appear to be coming back either. Biden said in one press conference with journalists on 19 January that he is not sure he can get it into the Build Back Better legislation. Parents of children born in 2021 may still be eligible for the credit if they did not receive it in 2021, according to the IRS.

Our verdict

There has been no movement in Congress to approve a fourth stimulus control in the midst of the pandemic. The Americans did not receive stimulus payments on January 19, and there is no evidence that they will be distributed anytime soon.

We consider this to be false.

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