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November $285 Surprise Check: Who Gets Extra Money?

While the probability of a fourth stimulus is nil in all US states, an announcement has been made of additional support for residents of the state of New England, Maine.

524,754 people could receive a surprise check in the mail sometime after Nov. 15 as the Maine State Tax Accessor will issue $285 checks to taxpayers. People with adjusted gross income (AGI) of less than $150,000 for married couples filing jointly, $112,000 for heads of household or $75,000 for individuals are eligible for the checks.

“The hard-working men and women who have led our state through the pandemic deserve our appreciation,” said Governor Janet Mills. “As a result of the bipartisan budget passed by the Legislature and signed by me, my government will send one-time payments of $285 to more than half a million working people in Maine. I hope this will help some Maine families over the holiday season as we work to fully recover our economy.”

However, not everyone who earns less than these values ​​qualifies. You must have worked continuously during the 2020 pandemic and people who qualify as dependents are not eligible. See them as closer hazard payments that other states have issued, such as Florida, in lieu of a universal incentive. The southern state has given teachers an extra payment as a thank you for working through Covid-19. Florida also provides money to first responders through the Florida Heroes Initiative.

The state will issue 5,000 to 25,000 checks daily for the next six weeks, and a budget of $149.8 million has been set aside for these payments.

What other states do their own checks?

California is one of the few states to have started their own real stimulus checks. Now on their second edition, Golden State Stimulus II, residents can receive a payment of $600 if they earn less than $75,000 per year. In February, the governor signed a law that made it possible to send $600 checks to low-income and non-citizens who could not receive federal incentive checks.

A media liaison at the IRS told the Orange County Register that the state has: 5.7 million payments sent so far. Those payments represent approximately $4.1 billion of the planned $12 billion for the plan that Governor Newsom labeled “the largest state tax cut in American history.” With checks going to about two-thirds of households in the state, or about 15.2 million taxpayers, there are still about 8.7 million payments to go.

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