NVIDIA & AMD GPU Prices Expected to Fall Further in Late August, Green Team to Make Aggressive Cuts to Clean Up Inventory

According to a report from Chinese tech outlet ZOL, which cites their supply chain sources, it looks like AMD and NVIDIA GPUs will see further price cuts by the end of August.

NVIDIA & AMD GPUs Will Get Even Cheaper to Buy Later This Year, Green Team Prepares Aggressive Price Cut Strategy

It’s only been a few months and we’ve seen the GPU market crash in spectacular fashion. Several factors have led to this, such as the crypto crash, a declining PC market, and overall poor demand due to anticipation of the next generation of GPUs.

According to supply chain news, NV and AMD will take more aggressive actions in late August to lower the price of graphics cards, whose price cut is greater than that of AMD.

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Currently, most graphics cards from AMD and NVIDIA are well below the MSRP that has been hard to come by for nearly two years, and now the same GPU makers are having a hard time selling them. This has taken its toll on both AMD and NVIDIA as evidenced by their Q2 finances, where the gaming dGPU segment isn’t doing very well and overall shipments have taken a major hit. Now AMD and NVIDIA are deciding to significantly cut the prices of their consumer GPUs, with the green team reportedly taking some aggressive steps to clear its inventory. A new batch of price cuts will reportedly hit the retail segment at the end of August, so we can expect graphics cards to get cheaper.

Currently, NVIDIA’s high-end graphics cards, such as the GeForce RTX 3090 Ti, are available for up to -47.5% below the suggested retail price. If this report comes anywhere close to the truth, we could see a price drop of more than -50% from the MSRP. Furthermore, NVIDIA is said to have resumed production of its 12 GB RTX 3080 graphics card to deal with the excess stock of GA102 GPUs, a chip used for a total of 5 different graphics cards.

So it looks like those looking for a new NVIDIA & AMD graphics card can expect even lower prices in the coming months, but how this will affect the launch and pricing of the next-generation GeForce 40-series GPUs remains to be seen. .

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