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Noble County went from one of the lowest rates of new COVID-19 cases in Ohio to one of the highest, according to the latest figures from the Department of Health, although the actual increase was only 30 cases.

Every Thursday, the state publishes the number of new cases per 100,000 people in the past two weeks. From September 1-14, Noble County posted 30 cases. In the county of 14,424 residents, that was a rate of 208 per 100,000, 86th of Ohio’s 88 counties.

From September 8-21, which as usual overlaps a week with the previous period, there were 60 new cases. The rate of 416 per 100,000 was 10th highest in the state.

The national average was 257.7 per 100,000, up from 320.5 in the previous period. Outside of Noble, the regions followed that trend.

The province of Athens went from the second highest percentage in the state, 809.8, to the fourth highest, 491.4. The county’s true number of cases of 65,327 (a figure that doesn’t include all Ohio University students, although local health officials have said positive cases are counted among them) dropped from 529 to 321.

Morgan County, with a population of 14,508, had 46 cases and a rate of 317.1 (23rd) having previously posted 62 new cases and a rate of 427.4 (16th).

Washington County had 170 new cases among its 59,911 residents for a rate of 283.8, 39th in the state. A week earlier, Washington reported 225 new cases and a rate of 375.6, which was 35th.

Monroe County, with a population of 13,654, went from 66th to 48th, despite four fewer cases being reported. With 36 cases in the most recent period, the number was 263.7. In the previous period, it had 40 new cases and a rate of 293.

Monroe County went from average to low on the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s COVID community levels, updated weekly based on new cases per 100,000 people in the past seven days and hospitalizations.

In counties labeled medium, the CDC recommends masking in indoor public areas for those at greater risk of serious illness. A low rating means that masks are only recommended on public transport.

The provinces of Athens and Morgan remained high, where masks are recommended for everyone in indoor public areas. Noble County remained average, while Washington County fell from high to medium.

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