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Ohio reports 4,222 new COVID-19 cases

The number of hospital admissions across the country rose by 128.

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Department of Health reported 4,222 new COVID-19 cases statewide in the past 24 hours on Saturday.

Ohio now has 1,673,496 cases since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Saturday’s report includes 354 new cases in the Mahoning Valley: 135 new cases in Mahoning County (for a total of 34,811), 134 in Trumbull (26,366) and 85 in Columbiana (16,315).

Of Ohio’s 88 counties, Mahoning ranks 11th in most cases and Trumbull 15th.

Hospital admissions increased by 128 and ICU admissions by five. Ohio now has 85,600 hospitalizations during the pandemic.

As of January 1, there have been 38,784 hospital admissions of those who identify as not fully vaccinated and 2,171 of those who were fully vaccinated.

On Friday, the state reported 302 new deaths since Tuesday, including 25 in the Mahoning Valley: nine in Mahoning (769 total), six in Trumbull (611) and 10 in Columbiana (331).

Ohio has 26,455 deaths. Mahoning’s total is the ninth highest in the state and Trumbull’s is the eleventh.

Of the deaths in Ohio, as of Jan. 1, 12,05 have been among those who identify as not fully vaccinated. During that same period, 564 deaths were among those who said they had been fully vaccinated.

4,967 new vaccinations have been started.

Of Ohio residents age 5 and older, 6,155,086 are fully vaccinated (55.94 percent).

According to the report, 50.6% of all residents of Mahoning County have completed their vaccinations; 48.22% in Trumbull; and 41.75% in Columbiana.

The state’s biweekly average of new cases per 100,000 people rose this week for the second week in a row, after five consecutive weeks of decline.

The state reported an average of 496 new cases per 100,000 Ohio residents this week, up from 411 the week before. That’s nearly five times the CDC’s threshold for “high” transmission, equating to 100 cases per 100,000 people. The number of new cases was 354 for the two weeks ending November 3.

Every county in the Valley also reported a higher rate this week. Columbiana County reported 754 new cases per 100,000 population (up from 677 for the two weeks ending Nov. 10); Mahoning reported 686 (versus 533); Trumbull reported 577 (versus 508).

The average seven-day percentage of positive coronavirus tests in Ohio is on the rise, after falling for more than a month. The rate, reported at 13.1% on Wednesday, is 3.6% higher than the recent low in late October.

That percentage remains as high as it was in mid-January, as the state’s winter wave waned. It is still more than nine times higher than the all-time low of 1.3 percent reported in late June. And that percentage is still worse than the average in most Valley counties.

The positivity rate for the two-week period ended Nov. 9 was 13.7% in Columbiana (up from 12.4% at the last report); 13.4% in Trumbull County (versus 12.3%); and 10.2% in Mahoning (+9.3%).