Ohio Republicans Continue to Push Anti-Covid-19 Vaccine Bills – Community News

Ohio Republicans Continue to Push Anti-Covid-19 Vaccine Bills

COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Despite Ohio House Speaker Bob Cupp saying it was time to move on, a number of new COVID-19 vaccine-related bills have been submitted to the Statehouse.

“We will continue to see these bills coming from that group of individuals, I think, throughout the rest of the GA,” said Representative Kristin Boggs (D-Columbus).

The lawmakers involved in the legislation said they had heard concerns from their voters about vaccine mandates.

“I still represent my district, its residents and the state of Ohio, and we must continue to do everything we can to protect employees and those who do business from losing their job or losing their business,” said Representative Kris Jordan ( R-Ostrander), sponsor of House Bill 481.

Many of the proposed bills differ in minor ways, but many of them effectively ban COVID-19 vaccine mandates from companies and schools.

“Public health is important, I absolutely agree, and there are other ways to address public health, but what this bill does is allow a personal exemption,” said Rep. Tracy Richardson, (R-Marysville), sponsor of House Bill 477 .

The most recently submitted bills have not been referred to a committee. On Tuesday, Cupp said he understands why his Republican colleagues are pushing the issue.

“They reflect what they’re hearing in their district, but it’s clearly time to move on,” Cupp (R-Lima) said.

Boggs said that despite the accounts being frozen, they could still be harmful.

“It gives them the space to get behind these very dangerous ideas,” she said.