Older Americans Stop Getting $1,728 in Social Security Benefits Despite Fake News on Facebook

Seniors who need a little extra cash due to inflation may not get hoped after a recent Facebook rumor said they will receive an additional $1,728 in Social Security benefits, according to Politifact.

“People born before 1957 will get $1,728 added to their Social Security checks if they register below,” reads the July 21 Facebook post.

The post was flagged as part of Facebook’s efforts against false news and misinformation.

The Facebook post was linked to a website with a url “savingpower.life”. The website states “giving an annual SS check boost of $1,728 to seniors 65 and older.”

“If you’re currently enrolled in Medicare, the latest ‘giveback’ benefits program will give you a $1,728 annual boost in SS checks,” the site also read.

A spokesperson for Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services told Politifact that the report was false news.

“CMS does not make such payments,” said the spokesperson. “Scammers are targeting people on Medicare as older Americans are particularly vulnerable to fraud and scams.”

Read more via Politifact.


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