On-site warning issued for Pine Island

PAINS ISLAND, Minn. — Authorities have issued a warning asking those near Pine Island to take shelter on the spot.

The Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office said it was responding to a potential domestic dispute in the southeastern Pine Island area. The public is asked to stay away.

Police said the suspect began threatening to use firearms against members of law enforcement and said they were holding a hostage.

SWAT teams from Goodhue and Olmstead counties were called to the scene and determined there were no additional people in the house.

Law enforcement negotiators spoke with the person for six hours and continued into the evenings.

A shelter in place alert was intended to be sent only to those near the incident but was accidentally sent to all counties of Goodhue and Olmstead.

“Unfortunately, an emergency alert system has been sent out to everyone in Olmsted and Goodhue County, and I’m sorry for that,” Goodhue County Sheriff Marty Kelly said. “We don’t need shelter if you’re not within four or five blocks of the incident on Pine Island.”

Pine Island is located about 20 miles north of Rochester.

This is a story in development. Check back with WCCO.com for more information.

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