Democratic congressional candidate Paul Lange expresses support for Republican Rodney Davis bipartisan Bill to repeal WEP and GPO

QUINCY, IL (Aug. 15, 2022) – If Rodney Davis had won against his opponent in the primaries; Paul Lange would have run into him in the November elections. Though they sit on opposite sides of the aisle, Paul Lange has praised Rodney Davis’s recent bill, the Social Security Fairness Act. The law aims to repeal two Social Security provisions that prevent certain Americans from receiving their full benefits.

If the Social Security Fairness Act is passed, it would eliminate the State Pension Compensation, which can reduce the Social Security benefits of spouses, widows and widowers who receive their own state pensions. The law would also eliminate the windfall elimination provision, which sometimes reduces benefits for an individual who also receives retirement or disability benefits from an employer.

Congressional opponent Paul Lange has yet to publicly support the Social Security Fairness Act, even though it is considered a bipartisan bill that all other congressmen in Illinois have elected to sponsor along with Republican Rodney Davis.

Speaking on the bill, Paul Lange said, “I have someone I know personally who is affected by one of the provisions in this bill. Yes, I support the repeal of WEP GPO. This bill will help many Americans in District 15 teachers, firefighters, police officers.”

Paul Lange is the Democratic nominee for the United States House of Representatives in the 15th district in Illinois. He has gained a lot of support with his public support for farmers’ “Right to Repair” legislation and his pledge to protect Social Security. For more information about Paul Lange and his campaign, visit

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