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Stimulus Check

Payment new child tax discount arrives Monday

We’re finally coming to the end of the release schedule for the 2021 child tax credit payments series. That means only two of these monthly incentive checks are coming in 2021.

Stimulus checks were, of course, one of the federal government’s most extraordinary responses to the economic pain associated with the coronavirus pandemic. For starters, the federal government just sent out checks for $1,200, then $600, and finally $1,400. Those checks transferred money directly from the state treasury to millions of Americans. This year, responsibility shifted from one-time, instant emergency payments to child credit checks. Essentially, these are prepayments of a tax credit to eligible Americans, meaning they represented another transfer of wealth from Uncle Sam directly to Americans. In total, six of those checks were planned for this year. And now there are only two left, with the penultimate check arriving Monday.

Two more child discount 2021 payments

The fifth of six child tax credit payments will arrive on Monday, November 15. That’s the date it will appear in the recipient’s bank accounts. However, anyone who receives the check in the mail will have to wait a few more days for the check to appear in your mailbox.

However, the vast majority of payments should come in on Monday via direct deposit. Again, this wave of payments will no doubt also transfer tens of billions of dollars to recipients, just like the previous four. So far, the IRS has sent more than $61 billion to Americans through these checks.

The Basics: Each eligible receiving household is approved for a single tax credit. Monday’s child tax credit payments are a reflection of the creative way Congress has structured this benefit. Half of the amount comes as a prepayment (spread over six checks). Families will get the second half as a tax credit next year — when they file their federal tax returns.

What else do you need to know

For most people, these checks are set up to arrive automatically if they qualify. And if the IRS has their payment information, such as a bank account — or at the very least an address where paper checks can be mailed.

If the household meets the income requirements, the checks will include up to $300 for each child in a household under the age of six. For each child between the ages of six and 17, the amount is $250.

The last check will come next month, on December 15th. After that, as noted, families will still receive the second half of the above-normal child tax credit in 2022. Democrats in Congress and President Biden, meanwhile, are working to extend monthly payments for another year. The vehicle for that is the massive reconciliation bill currently being held up in Congress.

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