Pennsylvania reports smallest COVID-19 case increase since July; Center County adds 3 positives
Pennsylvania reports smallest COVID-19 case increase since July;  Center County adds 3 positives

Pennsylvania reports smallest COVID-19 case increase since July; Center County adds 3 positives

Pennsylvania and Center County COVID-19 dashboard for March 13, 2022. Image via Pennsylvania Department of Health.

Pennsylvania had its smallest increase in COVID-19 cases since mid-July, and Center County recorded single-digit cases for the fifth time in the last week on Sunday.

The county’s three new positives bring its total to 34,905 (31,013 confirmed and 3,892 likely), according to the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

Center County’s seven-day moving average for new cases is eight, down from 19 a week ago and 54 a month ago. The average is the county’s lowest since July 27.

Pennsylvania recorded 447 new cases, the smallest increase since July 19, to bring the total state-wide number to 2,769,588.

The Commonwealth’s seven-day average is 871, down from 1,006 a week ago and 3,538 a month ago. The nationwide average is at its lowest since July 29th.


According to DOH Hospital’s emergency panel, three COVID-19 patients are hospitalized in Center County, unchanged from Saturday, with one on intensive care and none on respirator. Local COVID admissions are at their lowest since mid-July.

Across the country, COVID-19 admissions fell below 800 for the first time since 9 August. According to the hospital’s emergency panel, 795 COVID-19 patients are hospitalized in Pennsylvania, 29 fewer than on Saturday, with 112 in the intensive care unit [-11] and 78 on fans [+3].

Deaths: Dead

DOH reported no new deaths attributed to the virus among Center County residents, keeping the total number at 345.

With five new COVID-19 deaths identified by the Pennsylvania Death Registry, the total nationwide is now 43,839.

Prison cases

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, Benner State Prison has one active COVID-19 case among inmates and one among staff.

Rockview State Prison has no active inmates and two among the staff.

Both facilities are in Benner Township.

At Benner, 1,432 inmates are fully vaccinated, 13 are partially vaccinated and 196 are not vaccinated. Among the staff, 314 are fully vaccinated and 314 are not vaccinated.

Rockview has 1,713 inmates who are fully vaccinated and 66 who are not vaccinated. Among the staff, 351 are fully vaccinated and 366 are not vaccinated.

Community level

Center County is on “low” level of society for COVID-19, according to the Centers for Disease Control’s latest update Thursday.

Introduced on 25 Feb. levels of society measure not only new cases but also new admissions and the capacity of local hospitals to establish remedial guidelines. At the low level, there is no recommendation for indoor coverage.

All 67 counties in Pennsylvania are at low or medium levels this week. At the intermediate level, the CDC recommends masks indoors in public to those at risk of serious illness. At the high level, universal indoor public masking is recommended.


As of Sunday morning, 94,455 people in Center County are fully vaccinated, an increase of eight since Saturday, and 14,134 are partially covered [+5]. Booster doses have been administered to 49,243 county residents [+16].

Among the entire county population, 69.5% have received at least one dose, 59.2% are fully vaccinated and 50.9% are fully vaccinated with a booster according to the CDC. Among adult residents, 74.9% have received at least one dose, 63.3% have been fully vaccinated and 53.5% have received a booster.

Across the country, 76.8% of adults and 67.3% of the total population are fully vaccinated.

Vaccination times are available via Center volunteers in medicine, Mount Nittany Health and through other pharmacies and providers listed on

All persons are 12 years and older are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot.

Center County cases by zip code:

* Note: Changes are in parentheses. Specific numbers for postcodes with 1-4 cases have been edited by the National Board of Health. Cases are not always immediately assigned zip codes.

16801 (State College): 8,551 confirmed, 1,179 probable

16823 (Bellefonte and Pleasant Gap): 6,186 confirmed [+1]571 likely

16803 (State College): 3,216 confirmed [+1]648 likely

16866 (Philipsburg): 2,065 confirmed, 297 probable

16802 (University Park): 1,840 confirmed, 275 probable

16870 (Port Matilda): 1,273 confirmed, 169 probable

16841 (Howard): 1,077 confirmed, 99 probable

16828 (Center Hall): 779 confirmed, 81 probable

16827 (Boalsborg): 737 confirmed [+1]101 likely

16875 (Spring turbines): 647 confirmed, 74 probable

16844 (Julian): 541 confirmed, 52 probable

16845 (Karthaus): 518 confirmed, 35 probable

16877 (Warrior’s Mark): 295 confirmed, 29 probable

16853 (Milesburg): 285 confirmed, 20 probable

16874 (Snowshoes): 273 confirmed, 38 probable

16826 (Blanchard): 245 confirmed, 16 probable

16865 (Pennsylvania Furnace): 222 confirmed, 21 probable

16820 (Aaronsborg): 191 confirmed, 25 probable

16854 (Millheim): 180 confirmed, 15 probable

16829 (Clarence): 179 confirmed, 24 probable

16872 (Rebersburg): 165 confirmed, 16 probable

16851 (Lemont): 158 confirmed, 25 probable

16859 (Moshannon): 98 confirmed, 6 probable

16868 (Pine Grove Mills): 97 confirmed, 11 probable

16832 (Coburn): 90 confirmed, 8 probable

16677 (Sandy Ridge): 81 confirmed, 5 probable

16835 (Fleming): 59 confirmed, 8 probable

16856 (Mingoville): 51 confirmed, 10 probable

16852 (Madisonburg): 46 confirmed, 5 probable

16882 (Woodward): 39 confirmed, 5 confirmed

16804 (Statskollegiet): 20 confirmed, 1-4 confirmed

16863 (Orviston): 20 confirmed

16805 (State College): 1-4 confirmed

Cases among Center County’s adjoining counties

Blair: 29,528 [+3]

Clearfield: 19,168

Mifflin: 12,235 [+1]

Union: 11,650 [+1]

Huntingdon: 11,455 [+1]

Clinton: 9,001

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