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Stimulus Check

Petition for upcoming payment reaches 3M signatures

The popular online call for $2,000 monthly stimulus checks throughout the epidemic is just 45,000 signatures short of reaching the 3 million goal.

Stephanie Bonin, a restaurant owner in Denver, started the petition. Bonin has filed the petition with both the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate. As of today, the website reports that the petition is on track to become one of the most popular on the site.

“Our country is still seriously struggling,” the petition said. Many Americans have yet to take advantage of the recovery; the actual unemployment rate for low-wage workers is believed to be over 20%, and many people still owe money from last year for things like electricity, rent, and childcare.

These are all reasons why audits should target those who are still struggling, and why Congress should learn from the past year. It took Congress nine months to send out a second stimulus check, but mere seconds to go to waste.

Even the maximum unemployment benefits won’t be enough for most Americans to continue paying for their expenses — and keep them from falling into poverty. Even successful small businesses can’t afford to close their doors for months.

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But helping Americans monthly until they get back on their feet will save our communities from financial devastation.

However, it appears that the government would need more than the millions of signatures on the site to meet the critical requirements.

Congress has already stated that stimulus controls are no longer a priority as the Biden administration shifts its focus to other issues.

Stay tuned to basenews for the latest update on stimulus control.

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