Philadelphia can trigger COVID-19 vaccine mandate
Philadelphia can trigger COVID-19 vaccine mandate

Philadelphia can trigger COVID-19 vaccine mandate

CHICAGO (NewsNation) – Philadelphia is the only city in America with a government-enforced mask mandate. A lawyer representing companies suing the city over the new rule warns that the city may close for another type of mandate.

“We are actually a few days away from the city of Philadelphia not only having a mask mandate, but according to their unscientific measurements, they will have to reintroduce the vaccine mandate. So they really backed into a corner here,” Wally Zimolong said during Monday’s edition of ” On Balance with Leland Vittert ”.

Zimolong is a litigation veteran who has served as a lead attorney in over 500 cases in federal and state courts, arbitration, and for regulatory agencies.

And the “unscientific methods” he accuses Philadelphia of practicing are their mandate trigger.

Health Commissioner Dr. Cheryl Bettigole said confirmed coronavirus cases in Philadelphia rose by more than 50% in 10 days, the threshold at which city guidelines encourage people to wear masks indoors.

“We want to protect our most vulnerable residents. Wearing a mask around others is an easy way to do it. The sooner we can stop this wave, the faster we can get back to level 1, ”the Ministry of Health tweeted.

Monday the the city has published statistics shows that the average number of recently reported cases was 224 per day. If it averages between 225 and 500 cases a day, the city’s rule calls for bringing back its vaccine mandate for indoor eating and drinking. The population of Philadelphia is 1.6 million people.

Hospital admissions and death rates, which can take weeks to follow the course of case statistics, have not increased. Philadelphia County currently has an average of one death per day as a result of COVID-19.

When asked what he thinks the city of fraternity knows the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does not do, Zimolong chalked it up to politics.

“They are progressive leftists who think they are the smartest people in space all the time,” Zimlong said. “There is absolutely no science behind this. Their order is contrary to the CDC guidelines and even contrary to the guidelines of the major health experts in the hospital systems of Philadelphia.”

He is right in one thing: by that CDC definition, Philadelphia was still solid in the “low” category of dispersal of society when the mask mandate was reintroduced.

The question, according to Zimolong, is where the orders are coming from.

“This order does not come from anyone who has ever been elected to office. It comes directly from an unelected bureaucrat, the city health commissioner, who is not responsible for anyone,” he said.

Zimolong is not the only lawyer with clients challenging the rule. A group of about 10 companies and individuals brought an action against the city on Saturday and claimed the health ministry is excessive.

“We certainly believe that a Pennsylvania state court judge, that our Commonwealth Court, will agree with our position that the regulatory regime that the city of Philadelphia’s health director trusts does not give her the statutory support, by fiat., Impose a mass mandate. in businesses and private homes and places where people gather, ”said Zimolong.

Tom Palmer and Nichole Berlie contributed to this report.

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