Physicians encouraged by declining COVID-19 numbers
Physicians encouraged by declining COVID-19 numbers

Physicians encouraged by declining COVID-19 numbers

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – COVID-19 numbers in Ohio are at points not seen since August, with the number of cases and hospitalizations all declining.

Data from the Ohio Department of Health shows that hospitalizations have dropped nearly 80 percent from the highest level six weeks ago.

ODH reporting 899 new cases Sunday and 851 Monday marks the first time since August that the state has registered consecutive days with new case numbers below 1,000.

“I am very encouraged that rates in the community and in the hospital are declining,” said Dr. Mark Herbert, an infectious disease specialist at Mt. Carmel Medical Group.

According to Herbert, Mt. Carmel East is no longer in a situation where it needs its COVID-19 overvoltage unit, which the Ohio National Guard has helped operate. Sunday marked the last day the guard was ready to help with the unit.

“The closure of the operating room, along with the declining number of cases in the hospital and in the intensive care unit, are all good signs that rates are declining,” he said.

The state reported a maximum of more than 6,700 current COVID-19 admissions on January 10; that number is now around 1,500, numbers, again, not seen since last August.

“The overall message for the current state of COVID-19 in the state of Ohio is very optimistic,” said Dr. Joseph Gastaldo, an infectious disease expert at OhioHealth. “Tending-wise, all markers show that things are getting better.”

He hopes the numbers will continue to improve as we approach spring.

“We win the football match,” Gastaldo said. “We are in the beginning of the fourth quarter of a football match. We have a really big score, but the football match is not over. We have to wait for things to be over.”

In central Ohio, the number of admissions peaked at more than 1,100. That number is now around 280.

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