Poll: Majority believes China is biggest threat to US, while confidence in military has fallen | Colorado in DC – Community News
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Poll: Majority believes China is biggest threat to US, while confidence in military has fallen | Colorado in DC

A majority now believe that China poses the greatest threat to the United States, while at the same time trust in the US military has declined.

Less than half of the roughly 2,500 people who took part in the Ronald Reagan Foundation and Institute’s fourth annual survey, released Wednesday, said they have “great” confidence in the military.


Specifically, 45% of respondents said they felt this way, but this is a significant drop compared to the 70% of people who answered that way in the same survey in November 2018.

Those who said they had little or not much faith in the military pointed to a number of reasons why they felt this way, although there was no clear frontrunner. Of this group, 13% mentioned political leadership, 9% mentioned military personnel and anything related to scandal in the military, and 8% were military leadership and the belief that the military is both too expensive and has the wrong priorities.

The military’s waning favor was also shown by those who no longer believe that the US military is the “best in the world.”

Forty-five percent of respondents said they believe the U.S. military is “one of the best,” while 43% said it should be considered the “best.”

While confidence in the military is declining, the results of the survey show that respondents are now more concerned about the threat China could pose to the US. 52 percent of those polled named China the biggest threat to the US, while 14% said Russia was second. Three years earlier, 30% said Russia compared to 21% said China.

In addition, 65% view China as an enemy, which represents a 10-point increase in the past three years, while only 23% said they view China as an ally.

The survey also asked respondents for their views on Taiwan, the island nation off the coast of China, which has claimed its independence despite China believing the island to be its own territory.


Forty percent of respondents said they would support the US deploying ground forces if China invaded Taiwan, while 35% said they would oppose such a move. The support rate remains almost identical to that of October 2019, while the opposition fell 10 percentage points this time.

In addition, 71% said they would support recognition of Taiwan’s independence and end the policy of “strategic ambiguity”, while 10% said the US should not do it even if the Chinese invade.

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