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poor relations with the US hinder popularity among international students

In this week’s PIE Chat, Wang Wei, president of East & West International Education, spoke about the negative relations between the two countries.

“Since Trump, and now the Biden administration, the anti-Chinese stance that hinders the US has also created some hurdles for students to believe that the US is a very friendly destination, even though it is still one of the top destinations for a lot of Chinese students and parents,” Wei said.

Wei pointed out that incidents in the US have shocked many and may have directly affected interested students.

“I would add that the recent cases of Chinese students being shot or killed in the US paint a pretty negative picture of American education – especially recently, as was the case of a master’s student who was shot and killed in Chicago, near the university,” he said.

Dennis Zheng Shaoxiong, 24, was shot and killed when he was robbed near the University of Chicago, where he recently graduated.

The November incident marked the second time in 2021 that a Chinese international student was killed in the US.

“The UK benefited from the problems surrounding its difficult relations with the US”

The shooting has reportedly become a “catalyst” for students from China who are beginning to fear the American city’s “growing reputation for gun violence”.

Wei noted that the UK’s popularity as a student destination, partly due to its own strengths, was also due to the US’s shortcomings.

“The UK has benefited from the problems surrounding the difficult relations with the US – it is still one of the top destinations as it is very strong for university education, both in terms of the number of institutions and their quality and prominence, which is very important in attracting top students,” explains Wang.

“UK universities also have many joint programs in China in terms of two plus to or three plus one programs – which is why many students will eventually go on to study masters or even a PhD in the UK, adding to its popularity in China. China,” he suggested.