Pritzker issues COVID-19 disaster proclamation, reissues orders by May 28
Pritzker issues COVID-19 disaster proclamation, reissues orders by May 28

Pritzker issues COVID-19 disaster proclamation, reissues orders by May 28

SPRINGFIELD (WGEM) – Governor JB Pritzker has extended the COVID-19 disaster in Illinois by another 30 days. He says the virus continues to infect and claim the lives of many Illinois residents every day.

In the latest disaster proclamation, Pritzker wrote that the number of new cases has increased recently and is at its highest point in several weeks. He also explained that the COVID-19 situation remains fluid as the BA.2 Omicron sub-variant has caused significant increases in cases, hospitalizations and deaths in other parts of the world and is now leading to an increase in cases and hospitalizations in Illinois.

Case rate The 7-day average in Illinois is currently 200 per. 100,000 people. 699 people are hospitalized due to COVID-19 complications, with 72 people in the intensive care unit and 21 on respirators. At this point last week, the case frequency 7-day average was 172 per. 100,000 people. 688 people were hospitalized due to COVID-19 with 77 on the intensive care unit and 23 on respirators.

Pritzker is new executive order also highlights the importance of masks despite the removal of his nationwide indoor mask mandate.

“Even without a state mandate, K-12 schools, child care facilities, and other environments may choose to require individuals to wear face masks based on the community’s COVID-19 level and other environmental characteristics,” Pritzker wrote.

Masks are no longer required on public transport due to recent changes announced by the Biden administration and the CDC. Although the governor’s executive order notes that face clothing is still required in health care and community settings such as prison facilities and homeless shelters.

Meanwhile, schools and day care institutions are still encouraged to follow the recommendations of the CDC and state authorities on social distance, testing, ventilation and contact tracking. Employee vaccine and test requirements are also still in place in community care settings, schools and day care centers.

Several previous notices were not reissued by Pritzker. One provision had suspended a rule for advancing sick leave throughout the pandemic since March 13, 2020. Another previous ordinance suspended the requirement that the Illinois Department of Corrections provide a 14-day notice period to state attorneys before inmates receive an earlier release date. due to good behavior. Although the order noted that the Department of Corrections would take steps to ensure that the relevant Attorney General was notified as far in advance or as soon as possible.

A separate ordinance amending the Illinois School Code to allow special childcare services for children of essential staff is no longer in effect. The executive order issued on March 26, 2020 also allowed school districts to communicate, accept or open bids for construction projects electronically.

Pritzker said last week that he plans to ease more of the executive orders over time. The executive order and the executive order expire on 28 May.

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