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Protesters disrupt SNHD conference on COVID-19 vaccination for children aged 5-11

LAS VEGAS (CLASS) — Protesters and concerned parents disrupted a news conference in the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) Wednesday morning, shouting, “Protect your children, don’t obey.”

SNHD representatives have announced that they have begun administering the COVID-19 vaccine to children between the ages of five and 11 — although COVID-19 is usually milder in children.

The Health District says the disease can still cause serious illness and encourages parents to have their eligible children vaccinated.

The full conference is below:

In Clark County, 269 children have been hospitalized, 37,544 COVID cases in people between the ages of 5 and 17, and 92 cases of multi-inflammatory syndrome in children.

The SNHD says the vaccine is safe, effective and free. Before it was approved for children, it was thoroughly tested and the data from clinical trials was thoroughly reviewed.

According to SNHD, the Pfizer vaccine is more than 90% effective in preventing COVID-19 in children between the ages of five and 11.

SNHD says vaccinating children means more personalized learning in school and a return to pre-pandemic student activities.

“Vaccinating children in this age group is a positive step in our efforts to minimize transmission rates in Clark County and we can now protect an additional 200,000 people in our community,” said Dr. Fermin Leguen, District Health Officer for the Southern Health District of Nevada.

“We know some parents have questions about whether or not to vaccinate their children and I encourage them to discuss their concerns with their children’s pediatrician about the vaccine and the importance of vaccinating their children,” Leguen added. to.

“I look straight into the camera as a father of two. I have a two year old and a six year old and this is what we’ve been talking about for over a year now. But this is a scary time, and for parents wondering what to do for their kids. No matter which side you’re on, you want to make the very best decision for your child,” said Brian Knudsen, City Councilman of Las Vegas.

Representatives speaking at this event are as follows:

  • dr. Fermin Leguen, District Health Officer, Southern Nevada Health District
  • Scott Black, North Las Vegas City Councilman
  • Chairman, Southern Nevada District Board of Health
  • Brian Knudsen, City Councilor of the City of Las Vegas
  • Vice Chairman, Southern Nevada District Board of Health
  • dr. Cort Lohff, Chief Medical Officer, Southern Nevada Health District
  • JoAnn Rupiper, Chief Administrative Nurse, Southern Nevada Health District

During the press conference nearby there was protest against the vaccination of children. One protester repeatedly shouted, “Shame on you, you have kids too.”

The health district and several local pharmacies have started administering vaccines to children. Pediatric vaccines are currently available on a walk-in basis until the appointment system is updated.

SNHD encourages anyone who has not been vaccinated to visit one of the many clinics available to start the vaccine series. People who have received their first two-dose series of vaccines must return to a clinic to have their second dose fully vaccinated.