Push continues to have children vaccinated against COVID-19 before the holidays – Community News

Push continues to have children vaccinated against COVID-19 before the holidays

DES MOINES, Iowa — With children ages five to 11 now able to get their COVID vaccine for nearly a month, and with vaccine demand in high demand, it seems many parents wanted to be first in line.

The response to vaccinate children was so positive that the Polk County health department ran out of vaccines about two weeks ago, but recently got a new batch of them.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, both locally and nationally, the number of COVID cases continues to rise, particularly among younger children.

With the holidays approaching, many parents wanted to try getting their kids vaccinated before seeing family, attending large gatherings, or traveling long distances.

An Ankeny parent, Natalie Salt, said she and her family had been waiting for this vaccine for a while. Her children received their first dose two days after it was approved and their lives have already been put at ease.

“It’s so easy to get the vaccine. There are many different places that offer them and even I think Hy-Vee and CVS also offer this vaccine and you know if you are unsure about the vaccine you can always talk to your pediatrician,” Salt said. “And you know we work so hard to be safe for other people, even as adults, we let our older people get their injections first and then you know we got our injections and now it’s time for our kids to get their injections too.” to be safe.”

You can visit the Polk County Health Department’s website for more information about vaccines for this age group and to make an appointment.