Quest Kiely Rodni is being phased out in California

The “astronomical” search for missing California teenager Kiely Rodni will be wound down next week, police said Monday.

Nevada County Sheriff Captain Sam Brown shared the development, which happened 10 days after Rodni, 16, went missing from a camping party near the Prosser Family Campground in Truckee.

“We are moving towards a more limited but continuous search and rescue,” Brown said at a news conference.

silver 2013 Honda CRV.
Police and volunteers have not yet been able to find her silver Honda CRV 2013

“We’ve put a lot of resources into achieving that goal and I think so far we’ve… [put] over 9,000 man hours in the search, which is astronomical.”

Officials said Monday that police would switch to an investigative mode after searching the area north of Lake Tahoe in the air, on the ground and underwater in search of the missing teen.

Rodni was last seen around 12:30 p.m. on Aug. 6 at a large party with more than 100 teens and young adults. Her silver 2013 Honda CRV has not been found, and her phone has been without a signal since that morning, officials said.

Police say they are still looking for witnesses and are viewing video footage of the party. While no one has withheld information, some revelers had been advised by adults not to speak to police, the news conference revealed.

“If you didn’t come forward, if you were there and saw something, please come forward and let us know,” said Lieutenant John Barnhart of Placer County Sheriff’s Office.

Kiely Rodni.
The police have followed more than a thousand leads to find Rodni, all without success.

Authorities said Monday they had chased more than 1,200 leads in the case, all dead ends.

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