Range COVID-19 numbers continue to fall | News
Range COVID-19 numbers continue to fall |  News

Range COVID-19 numbers continue to fall | News

The Purchase District Health Department released a COVID-19 update Thursday that shows the number of cases continues to decline, information confirmed by the Kentucky Department of Public Health.

The PDHD report showed that there were 67 new cases of COVID-19 in McCracken County from March 3 to Wednesday, an average of 9.6 cases per day. The department’s previous report, published March 3, reported 83 new cases from February 24 to March 2, or 11.9 cases per. day.

The report of February 24 issued by the department showed 87 cases for the 17th-23rd. February or 12.4 cases per day, while the report of 18 February showed 254 cases for the 10th-16th. February or 36.3 cases per day.

As of Wednesday, McCracken County has had 18,107 cases of COVID-19 since the first case was diagnosed in the county on March 23, 2020.

The county’s prevalence of COVID-19 also continues to decline. An incidence rate is the number of cases per 100,000 people during the previous seven days.

The Kentucky Department of Public Health issues a color-coded frequency of occurrence map each weekday showing rates for all 120 Kentucky counties. The highest level, more than 25 cases per. 100,000 people, are colored red, while the second highest level, 10 to 25 cases, is colored orange. The third highest level, 1 to 10 cases, is colored yellow, while the lowest level, less than 1 case per. 100,000 people, are colored green.

Despite a moderate increase on Monday, McCracken County was back at the yellow level on Thursday with a rate of 9.4. The county had a rate of 9.0 on March 3 and March 4 with a bump up to 10.0 on Monday. Incidence rates for Tuesday and Wednesday were not available.

Across the country, only 29 of Kentucky’s 120 counties are on the red level, including Crittenden County, the only red county in western Kentucky with a rate of 47.0. There are 53 counties at the orange level, 36 at the yellow level and two – including Hickman County – at the green level.

Covid incidence rates for counties in western Kentucky include Ballard, 9.1; Caldwell, 6.7; Calloway, 2.9; Carlisle, 6.0; Fulton, 7.2; Grave, 3.5; Hickman, 0.0; Livingston, 15.5; Lyon, 10.4; and Marshall, 6.0.

Kentucky COVID-19 site at kycovid19.ky.gov has used another measurement to show the spread of COVID-19 called community levels, showing each county on a color-coded map of low, medium, and high community levels.

McCracken County was at the intermediate level on Thursday. At that level, medical experts recommend that people consider universal mask use in indoor environments with a large number of people. It also recommends that people at that level consider wearing a well-fitting mask in any indoor public setting.

Other counties in the middle-level area include Ballard, Caldwell, Graves, Hickman and Marshall.

Those at the high level of society – where it is recommended that people wear well-fitting masks in all indoor public settings, including schools and restrict indoor personal gatherings – are Carlisle, Crittenden, Livingston and Lyon.

Counties at the lower levels of society – where it is recommended that people disguise themselves based on individual preferences – are Calloway and Fulton.

Finally, the state on Thursday showed that McCracken County has a positivity of 5.02%, or that about 1 in every 20 tests was positive. A positivity rate is the number of COVID-19 tests that showed a positive result.

Positivity rates for area counties include Ballard, 4,415; Caldwell, 2.11%; Calloway, 3.31%; Carlisle, 1%; Crittenden, 9%; Fulton, 0%; Grave, 1.24%; Hickman, 0.93%; Livingston, 7.81%; Lyon, 2.81%; and Marshall, 4.68%.

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