Researchers hope new COVID-19 vaccine will attract skeptics
Researchers hope new COVID-19 vaccine will attract skeptics

Researchers hope new COVID-19 vaccine will attract skeptics

More than 10,000 people are involved in this phase trial, and hundreds will be recruited on the First Coast.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Months after people received their first, second, even booster shot of a COVID-19 vaccine, a new vaccine is about to be on the market.

This vaccine uses the same science as the flu shot.

Dr. Shalika Katugaha with Baptist Health hoping the well-known technology will encourage vaccine skeptics to finally get their shots. While the COVID-19 trends are going down, she says getting vaccinated will just help it and get us back to a normal lifestyle.

“This year gives me hope,” Katugaha said. “Everything about this year gives me hope.”

These are some words we have not heard from a scientist for some time, spurred on by a new vaccine called Vidprevtyn by the company Sanofi and GSK. Their phase 3 experimental data were released.

Katugaha says about 10,000 people across the United States, Asia, Europe and Latin America were part of the trial, which showed 100% effectiveness in preventing severe coronavirus and 78% in preventing moderate to severe.

She says it is not too late with a new vaccine because COVID-19 is always changing.

“You will see (vaccines) continue to evolve. The epidemiology of COVID-19 is evolving,” Katugaha said. “One of the benefits of this vaccine is actually that it was tested in omicron’s time. The test was performed from May until now. So it got a number of different variants.”

Katugaha says the next step would be for the company to submit their data to the FDA for approval. She does not have a timeline on it, but Phase 3 continues to get more people rolling up their sleeves for the latest vaccine.

It includes here on the first coast.

“It’s colder than anywhere else on the planet,” says Dr. Michael Koren of the Jacksonville Center for Clinical Research.

He showed me the negative refrigerator of 78.6 degrees Celsius, which is negative 109.4 degrees Fahrenheit, which contains some COVID-19 vaccines.

Vidprevtyn should only be stored in a normal refrigerator, which Koren says makes it more accessible.

As for why we need another vaccine, “Choices are always good. It will bring prices down and give people different options. If you are allergic to one, you can use another,” Koren said.

He is recruiting a few hundred patients for this vaccine trial on Fleming Island.

Researchers also hope that this vaccine will also recruit skeptics.

“Some people are still skeptical about the RNA because it is – they consider it a type of genetic material, even though I tell people it’s not DNA,” Koren says of other vaccines.

This vaccine is protein based and similar to flu shot.

“People who have endured, or who have been uncomfortable because of mRNA technology, so here we have another viable exciting opportunity that they might feel more confident about getting,” Katugaha said.

The CDC reports that 65.8% of Americans are fully vaccinated.

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