Rise in death toll from COVID-19 is taking its toll on Vegas funeral home – Community News

Rise in death toll from COVID-19 is taking its toll on Vegas funeral home

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — A Vegas funeral home has struggled to meet demand during the pandemic, turning families away due to their overcrowded service schedule.

The number of people dying from COVID-19 continues to rise in Clark County, and people have had a hard time planning a funeral. Angel Rojas is the general manager of Casa De Paz Funeral Home in East Las Vegas and he says they have at least one funeral service a day.

“We’ve had to push our services for a few weeks because we don’t have anything available,” Rojas said.

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Rojas says COVID-19 is the reason to blame, they have never seen this question before. People have died from COVID daily, he says, more than half of their shifts are for COVID-related deaths.

“We’ve been dealing with some families repeatedly within four months just because they lost several relatives, so it’s going to be difficult,” Rojas said.

Rojas says that about 80% of the people who have requested services are Hispanic. He says this demographic has been hit hard by this virus.

“We’ve had a lot of calls from them about COVID, we know that especially with the economy, it’s been very difficult for that community too,” explains Rojas.

Rojas says finding an open spot in their schedule is just one of many issues. The supply chain crisis has delayed shipments of coffins and urns by nearly a month. Before Rojas says he would receive the shipment within the same week.

“A lot of our manufacturing companies have had issues with that too, just letting us know we don’t have that in stock right now,” says Rojas.

Rojas says seeing things at the forefront of this crisis has taken a toll on his well-being.

“It’s really sad to see the increase and to have to serve all these families, I see the impact and the damage it’s having in this community,” Rojas said.

He says he encourages everyone to follow safety protocols and help prevent the spread of this virus.