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Royal Expert Claims That Prince Harry And Meghan Are Focusing On ‘Less Important’ Issues In Their Public Statements

Prince Harry
Source: Reuters

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been facing a lot of criticism lately. And it all started after they decided to step down from their royal duties.

Royal Expert Russell Myers’ Claim On Prince Harry And Meghan

We know that the royal couple have shifted to Los Angeles after leaving their royal family. And since then they have been drawing a lot of controversy.

Prince Harry
Source: Daily Mail

The couple had opened up about how they left all their royal duties because they wanted freedom. But now it seems like freedom is far away from the couple. Because everything they do these days earns a lot of criticism and it seems like this will continue for long.

Recently during a podcast Russell Myers, the Royal Editor criticized Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex for their public speeches.

He said that the couple speaks on unnecessary things. And don’t really focus on series issues. Myers added that it seems like they are not really aware of what is going on in the world. Hence their statements have no depth in them. He also said that the is hampering the reputation of the royal family.

He compared them to Prince Williams and Kate Middleton who according to him are focusing on global issues. And are saying the right things at the right place.

He also said about how Meghan Markle spoke about social media addiction in her speech during the most powerful women next gen summit. Myers criticized the topic she spoke on because she focused more on the virtual world rather than the real world.

Meghan Markle Draws Controversy

Well we might not exactly agree with Russell Myers because there were instances where Prince Harry and Meghal Markle spoke on important global issues.

Prince Harry
Source: Daily Mail

But yes her recent speech during the virtual summit did draw a lot of controversy. Actually Meghan spoke on how social media is turning toxic day by day. She also discussed on the ill effects over usage of social media. And we believed that it was a relevant topic to speak on.

But she went wrong while choosing her words. Actually the Duchess of Sussex is being accused of plagiarizing her speech from a Netflix documentary ‘The Social Dilemma.’

Prince Harry
Source: Daily Mail

And because of this she is subjected to a lot of criticism and trolls. Because it is proved that she has copied exact quotes from the documentary ‘The Social Dilemma.’ And did not give them the credits.

This is surely bringing a bad name to the royal family. Because if someone is talking on an important issues it is necessary to give one’s own views on that. But Meghan ended up copying words from the documentary.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle should actually think twice before giving a public statement. And that too during this crucial time when they already are drawing a lot of controversy because of their decision of leaving the royal family.

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