Rs 1k each to over 27 lakh social security pension recipients
Rs 1k each to over 27 lakh social security pension recipients

Rs 1k each to over 27 lakh social security pension recipients

In a counter to the AAP boss Arvind Kejriwal‘s pledge to give Rs 1,000 a month to all women in the state, the Punjab government decided on Wednesday to distribute a one-time grant of Rs 1,000 each to 27.71 lakh recipients of social security pensions.

This would be in addition to the monthly pension / financial assistance of Rs 1,500 given to the elderly / widows, needy women, dependent children and the disabled. The grant, a government statement said, will be given to help these recipients alleviate their difficulties in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic.

This financial assistance will be credited directly to the beneficiaries’ bank accounts. This one-time grant would cost the Treasury around Rs 277.13 crore.

The Cabinet approved the release and disbursement of Rs 3,000 for construction workers registered with the Punjab Building and Other Construction Workers’ Welfare Board (BOCW) as a temporary financial relief.

The Cabinet also gave approval to release Rs 25 crore to the ‘Guru Ravidass Bani Adhayayn Center Committee, Dera Sachkhand Ballan’, already awarded by the Planning Department under the Punjab Nirman Program on 31 December last year.

The Prime Minister had recently announced this grant.
In another decision, the government approved the outline of the proposed Punjab state welfare and development of planned casts (planning, earmarking and utilization of financial resources) sub-allocation regulation, 2022.

The new law will help to ensure transparency and accountability at all levels in the implementation of the Scheduled Caste Sub Plan (SCSP), and there will also be a provision on incentives for commendable performance. In addition, the departments that implement SCSP will be required to implement SCSP in true spirit for the benefit of all stakeholders, ie. the entire SC population of the state.
The Cabinet also authorized the Prime Minister to approve the draft executive order as prepared and examined by the Legal Remembrancer (LR) without having to submit it again to the Council of Ministers.

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