Salesforce continues to work on security after Uber hack

Marc Benioff, founder, chairman and co-CEO of Salesforce, speaks at a luncheon at the Economic Club of Washington in Washington on October 18, 2019.

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Salesforce co-CEO Marc Benioff said the cloud software company has a lot more to do on the cybersecurity front after attacking Uber with Salesforce’s Slack chat app.

Uber said Monday it believed a hacking group called Lapsus$ was behind a cyber attack last week, noting that other victims of the group’s attacks this year were Cisco, Nvidia, Okta and Samsung. Microsoft also said that Lapsus$ had access to one of its accounts.

According to Uber, the attacker likely bought a company contractor’s password on the dark web after a malware attack, and the contractor accepted a two-factor authentication request. The attacker downloaded some Slack messages and posted a note on a Slack channel that “many of you have seen,” according to the ride-sharing company.

Hackers often use so-called social engineering, where trusted individuals are exploited rather than just going after hardware and software.

“There is no finishing line when it comes to security and social engineering,” Benioff said during a press conference at Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference in San Francisco on Tuesday. “There are things we need to do to help our customers avoid these kinds of problems.”

Salesforce has seen its systems abused in the past. In 2007, a hacker allegedly obtained email addresses stored in Salesforce and used them to go after Automatic Data Processing customers and other Salesforce customers. And in June, Salesforce’s Heroku unit said a hacker had obtained account passwords and a source code.

“We’ve been through almost every possible situation,” Benioff said. “There’s a lot for us to do in eternity, and we’ll just keep working on it.”

Most of the company’s technical team is working on security and trust, said Bret Taylor, the other co-CEO of Salesforce. Taylor said trust was one of Salesforce’s original values ​​when the company was founded in 1999.

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