Santa Fe Public Schools Launches New COVID-19 Dashboard | Local news – Community News

Santa Fe Public Schools Launches New COVID-19 Dashboard | Local news

As coronavirus infections increase among Santa Fe Public Schools students and staff, the district plans to launch an online COVID-19 dashboard Monday to update parents on current cases.

“The website, which will be updated daily, will provide greater transparency and better reporting to the public,” the district said in a press release released Friday.

The new COVID-19 tracking tool comes after a week with the highest number of cases in the district – 63 in total, 61 of them infections from students and two involving staff.

Outbreaks in two small schools on the east side in recent weeks, Wood Gormley and Acequia Madre primary schools, have also raised concerns among parents.

“With the uptick we are seeing in COVID cases, SFPS sees the new COVID dashboard as an enhanced way to keep the public informed about what is happening across the district and school for school with students and staff,” said Chief Inspector Hilario “Larry” Chavez in the news story. “Graphs and charts help clarify numbers and put them in perspective, and viewers can select different time periods, allowing for better analysis.”

The press release said principals will continue to inform parents whose students have been in class with anyone with a confirmed case of COVID-19 who has been on campus while potentially contagious.