Schools of Bourbon Co. switch to NTI days after COVID-19 peak – Community News

Schools of Bourbon Co. switch to NTI days after COVID-19 peak

BOURBON, Kentucky (LEX 18) — With only a few weeks to go this semester, Bourbon County Schools are switching to online learning before Thanksgiving.

Chief Inspector Amy Baker announced this in a letter to parents on Monday evening.

“When we make these decisions, we know they are very difficult for families,” Baker told LEX 18 on Tuesday.

A recent outbreak of COVID-19 means schools in the district will switch to NTI learning for five full days starting Wednesday. The Monday after Thanksgiving, students return to class.

“What prompted us to come together and talk more about a decision yesterday was that we had 14 positive cases in our high school and our high school,” said Deanna Berry, the district health coordinator for Bourbon County Schools.

According to Chief Inspector Baker’s letter, children in the 3rd up to 12e grade with internet at home will participate in online class during NTI learning. Kindergarten through 2 . studentsnd grade and people without internet receive learning packages.

A high school student living in nearby Nicholas County said he may not go to school in Bourbon County, but he understands the challenges of virtual learning.

“I’ve learned, it’s especially hard,” said the homeschooled student. “It’s a bit easier for me as a high school student. But parents with younger children and such, those packages are so big.”

Superintendent Baker acknowledged the stress of home learning, especially for the 60 families in the neighborhood without Internet. She said the district is working with those families to ensure students can still learn.

“Last year we obtained hotspots for those students,” she says. “We try to give them resources that can help them. Besides using technology, there are other ways to communicate with those families.”

But she also said safety remains their top priority as the pandemic stretches well into this school year.

“I’m just so exhausted,” she said. “But I know we need to stay on track for our students.”

According to Berry, about half of the students in the district have been vaccinated against COVID-19. The district is working with the health department to host a vaccine clinic on Thursday.