Second stimulus check: how many $ 600 direct payments have been sent?
Second stimulus check: how many $ 600 direct payments have been sent?

Second stimulus check: how many $ 600 direct payments have been sent?

The Ministry of Taxation has confirmed that it has finished handing out the $ 600 stimulus check payments included in the Emergency Aid Act for covid-19, which was signed into law last December.

The tax authorities were obliged to distribute all payments per mid-January to give them time to prepare for the future tax season. However, it is possible that a small number of debit cards with financial impact or paper checks are still in transit.

The $ 600 payments were a part of $ 900 billion emergency bill signed by former President Donald Trump in late December after he failed to find support for a large-scale stimulus package during his final weeks in office.

The Ministry of Taxation has reported to more than 147 payments were sent during the latest round of stimulus checks that cost the federal government more than $ 142 billion to date.

Some are still waiting for their second stimulus check payment

The second round of payments was far more even than the first, where tens of thousands of Americans waited months for the money. For the second stimulus check, the IRS already had details in the archive for the vast majority of recipients and had a template to follow from the previous batch of payments. For this reason the ambitious deadline 15 January was set to prevent clogging by the IRS prior to the tax season.

However, there have been problems with distribution, and despite having officially issued all “legally allowed” payments, many are still waiting to receive their second stimulus check from the tax authorities.

Which has been countless reports of persons eligible for stimulus checks miss the payment. In many cases, when they tried to rectify the situation at the IRS ‘ Get my payment tools they were met with the message: “Payment status not available”.

Now that the deadline has expired, you will not be able to apply for a direct deposit and a physical check again, but you can still get the value of stimulus check in the form of a tax deduction to your tax return for 2020.

If this applies to you, you can find all the details on how to receive one Recovery discount credit in our practical guideallowing you to get the $ 600 stimulus check you owe from the second round of payments.

Third stimulus check should be on the way

Just over a month after the deadline for the second stimulus check, Congress appears to be close to passing a new round of stimulus checks. That American rescue plan proposed by President Joe Biden includes direct payments worth up to $ 1,400 per person.

Biden did not get the bipartisan support he had hoped for, but the Democrats have set in motion a budget mechanism in the Senate known as reconciliation to get the bill passed by a simple majority in the Upper House.

To all details of the third round of direct paymentsincluding the eligibility requirements and the payment time frame, see our stimulus check explanation.

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