Sexy Time at the Social Security Office – Scioto County Daily News

Portsmouth police officers responded to a variety of complaints about suspicious activity this weekend.

Just before 1:30 a.m., a Robinson Avenue caller reported that someone was in their yard with a flashlight. When officers arrived, they spoke to a woman who agreed to take her belongings and vacate the property.

Half an hour later, a caller reported that a couple had sex in a truck parked at Social Security. Officers spoke to the parties involved and reported that both were intoxicated. The man decided to walk home and the woman got a lift.

Just after 9:00 a.m., a caller reported that someone in Grant Street had fallen over the wheel of a gold Impala. The man was not under the influence, police said. He agreed to have a licensed driver come and collect his vehicle.

Police received another report at 3 p.m. of someone passing out in a vehicle, this time at the CVS at 11e Street. The woman was on alert when officers arrived, but they found that her driver’s license had been revoked and advised her not to drive the vehicle.

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