Six police officers in Washington on the road with COVID-19 | Local news – Community News

Six police officers in Washington on the road with COVID-19 | Local news

An outbreak of COVID-19 at the Washington Police Department has left six officers ill.

According to Chief Robert Wilson, some officers are vaccinated and others are not.

“They range from a sinus cold to severe headaches, and it feels like they’ve been beaten up. But right now there’s nothing major,” Wilson said.

Wilson said the first positive case came on Saturday, with three more on Sunday and two on Monday.

“They all came in at about the same time as (COVID-19). We’re just looking at standard CDC quarantine protocols and getting them back to work,” said Washington Mayor Scott Putnam.

Wilson said they are currently unaware of the origin of the outbreak.

“I have no idea how it got in here. We don’t know,” Wilson said.

The six officers will be off work for 10 days and then will need a negative COVID test to return to work, Wilson said.

“At the station we wear masks and maintain social distancing,” Wilson said.

Wilson added that officers wipe their stations and avoid contact with their colleagues during shift changes, and have only one person with a car during patrols.

Wilson said he has not been tested for COVID-19.

The outbreak will put pressure on the department as they try to cope with a staff shortage. The police consists of 30 officers.

“The guys are working overtime to cover the outstanding shifts so we can maintain status in the community,” Wilson said.

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