SMARTER PLAN – Coronavirus COVID-19 response
SMARTER PLAN – Coronavirus COVID-19 response

SMARTER PLAN – Coronavirus COVID-19 response

The SMARTER plan is the next phase of California’s COVID-19 response.

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What SMARTER stands for

We use the experience of the last two years to prepare for future COVID-19 increases or variants.

SMARTER stands for:

  • Shots – Vaccines are the most powerful weapon against hospitalization and serious illness.
  • Masks – Properly worn masks with good filtration help slow down the spread of COVID-19 or other respiratory viruses.
  • ONEwareness – We will continue to pay attention to how COVID-19 spreads, evolving variants, clearly communicate how people should protect themselves, and coordinate our state and local government response.
  • Rease – COVID-19 will not go away and we must be ready with the tools, resources and supplies we need to respond quickly and keep public health and the health system well prepared.
  • Testing – Get the right type of tests – PCR or antigen – where they are most needed. Testing will help California minimize the spread of COVID-19.
  • EEducation – California will continue to work to keep schools open and children safe in classrooms for personal instruction.
  • Rx – Development and improvement of treatments will become more and more accessible and critical as a tool to save lives.

The SMARTER plan is not just for COVID-19. We can use these strategies and systems for future emergencies. We will improve the SMARTER plan as we learn what works.

How do we move on

COVID-19 will remain with us for the foreseeable future. The SMARTER plan focuses on how we deal with that reality.

We have learned a lot over the last two years. We know what we need:

  • Minimize the strain on our healthcare system
  • Keep staff and the public safe
  • Keep businesses open and schools personal

We want to keep California moving by:

  • Rising vaccination rates, especially among children
  • To ensure that we can quickly implement personnel, personal protective equipment (PPE) and resources for hospitals and communities
  • Quickly match patients with effective treatments
  • Tracking cases to address spikes as we see them and quickly identify new variants
  • Building our own supply chain for testing and storage of masks and PPE

SMARTER builds on California’s successes. It is flexible in design so we can react quickly when the virus changes.

We can move forward with confidence that we can:

  • Responds to everything COVID-19 has in store
  • Keep people healthy and away from hospitals, which will keep California open

How we measure success

We have set goals as part of the SMARTER plan.

Shot Ability to manage at least 200,000 vaccines a day on top of existing pharmacy and provider infrastructure
Masks Maintain a stock of 75 million high quality stitches and the ability to distribute them as needed
Awareness Maintain the ability to promote vaccination, masking and other mitigation measures in all 58 counties. Support engagement with at least 150 community-based organizations
Contingency Maintain wastewater monitoring in all regions and strengthen respiratory monitoring in healthcare while continuing to sequence at least 10% of positive COVID-19 test samples. Possibility to add 3,000 clinical staff within 2 – 3 weeks needs and across different types of health facilities
Testing Maintain commercial and local public health capacity throughout the country to perform at least 500,000 tests a day (PCR and antigen)
Education Expand school-based vaccination sites with 25% as entitlement expands
Rx Make sure local units can order effective therapies within 48 hours

Read the details

The full details are in California’s SMARTER Plan: The Next Phase of California’s COVID-19 Response.

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