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Social Security 2100 Bill Hearing Set For Dec 7

Mary Johnson, social security and health care policy analyst at The Senior Citizens League, previously told ThinkAdvisor that given the current legislative calendar, passing the bill is unlikely this year.

“Social security legislation requires attention under special rules,” Johnson said. “So I suspect the provisions of this bill should be considered separately” from the spending bill being debated in Congress.

Larson’s bill “will certainly open up the debate on how to strengthen Social Security benefits and program funding in 2022,” Johnson added, “and we plan to continue working with members of Congress to find the best solutions.” to improve the solvency and benefits of the program for all beneficiaries.”

The Social Security Act 2100 “not only provides measures that would increase benefits and provide better protection against inflation, but it would also adjust the income thresholds that tax Social Security benefits, in addition to a number of long-awaited changes,” Johnson said.